Why You Should See a Doctor After an Auto Accident Even if You Don't Feel Pain

Car accidents are scary situations, and if they’re severe, you could be badly injured. But even when they don’t seem like a huge deal, you can still be injured in a way that can affect you for the rest of your life. 

The truth about car accidents is that even in a fender-bender, you could sustain an injury. Dr. Navdeep Jissal knows all about how these types of injuries work, and how they can cost you more than just your car. 

At the Spine & Pain Institute of Florida in Lakeland, we understand that the accident isn’t the only scary part of this time. Not knowing the real condition of your body, especially after a traumatic experience like a car accident, can make you vulnerable to depression and anxiety. Over 2 million people are injured in auto accidents every year, and not everyone who experiences a car accident goes to their doctor. Take care of yourself by letting us take care of you. 

What could happen?

Devastating crashes that cause fatalities, lost memories, and broken bones are the first, and sometimes the only injuries that most people associate with car accidents. It’s always possible to make it through an accident that totals your car, and that’s devastating for anyone. What few people realize is that they often have easily-overlooked injuries as a result. In fact, you’re eight times more likely to be injured, however seriously, than killed in an auto accident. 

It’s understandable if broken limbs or being thrown through your windshield are among your top concerns when it comes to auto accidents. It’s important to remember, though, that severe, visible injuries are actually the easiest types of injuries to treat. Dr. Jassal’s expertise and dedication can help you through the injuries that you may not know that you even have. 

How would I miss an injury?

It’s much more common than you think. Though you may not have broken ribs or a head injury, your neck and back are vulnerable to injuries that you simply can’t see. In the hours after you’re in an auto accident, you may not feel any pain because of your adrenaline rush or because you’re in shock. If this is the case, you may feel pain later. 

How is this possible? If your car is rear-ended, or if you hit another car with your car, you may have whiplash, a soft tissue injury that affects tendons and ligaments in your neck. Whiplash can feel like stiffness or mild pain in your neck, accompanied by chronic headaches. You could also experience back pain that can worsen over time. We can help you by treating your injuries, whether they’re superficial, or something deeper.  

What should I do if I never feel pain? 

It’s possible that you’re totally fine. You can feasibly experience a car accident without physical repercussions. But remember that you might not always feel the pain of an injury, and soft tissue injuries can become painful or even debilitating later in life. So it’s worth your time to come see us and get yourself checked out, just for peace of mind. 

Don’t wait to contact us if you’ve been in an auto accident. Make an appointment by phone or use our online scheduling tool today.

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